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miércoles, 20 de diciembre de 2017

Frozen pizza and other slices of life

Frozen pizza and other slices of life.By Antoinette Moses. Cambridge level 6.

This is a book of  for students of intermediate/upper intermediate level of English(2nd year of Bachillerato). The oral test of the second term will be based on it. The book shows different stories connected to life and society in UK.
Here you are a link to read the book on line if you want.

Students must choose one of the stories to talk about in a deep way (plot,characters, speculation, vocabulary used in context,and personal opinion. The teacher will choose another one or different aspects from the other stories .
The interview with the teacher can be any date during the second term. Don´t leave it for the end-

The debate with the teacher can raise some more general questions such as:
1) If you were touring around Britain, which places in Frozen Pizza and other slices of life would you like to visit?
2) If you were writing a book about your country, would you choose similar or different themes?
3) Which of the stories in Frozen Pizza and other slices of life made the deepest impression on you? Why?
4) What new aspects of British life did you discover from the stories?

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